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Extrasystole ?

Created a little while ago, Extrasystole Productions, has the mission to make films that it holds to heart, to promote, to produce artistic and subversive films that highlight a societal problematic or that brings lightening on the subjects covered.


These subjects and / or staging can be both classical and atypical. The films are fiction or documentary. Form is not an obstacle.


We are also attentive to create  a participatory and human approach with our partners through the realization of our projects.


Our ambition is that the films produced by Extrasystole provoke, here and there, some contractions and vibration of the hearts and are visible to the greatest number.





An extrasystole is a medical term that refers to an anarchic and abnormal contraction of the heart. It is a heart rhythm disorder corresponding to a premature contraction.


By extension, an extrasystole is a vibration of the heart.







Louise is attracted by the world of documentary and the filmaking since she's 12, in school already it is to tools of cinematography that it turns to realize its artistic projects. To follow her path, she completed a Bachelor's degree in Applied Communication at IHECS and then began steps and commissions as a videographer. Louise is particularly sensitive to the place of man in his environment and to his interactions with the biosphere as a whole. In order to better understand the issues that are superior to the modern objective, she has a master degree in "Food Safety".


Today, more mature and more experienced, she returns behind the camera to live her passion and continues to question our look at the world. Curious, sensitive and intuitive, she engages with all her heart in her achievements


Aurian has been a filmmaker for nine years for various productions. He has many corporate and documentary films to his credit. Recently, he completed a Master's Degree in Writing at the IAD. Alongside this work as a cameraman / editor, he started as a screenwriter / director. Aurian is first and foremost an enthusiast. His only desire is to embrace as best he can the world he passes through, to live his passion thoroughly. And the way he found is the 7th art. This medium is for him, the best way to travel, to express his ideas and his vision of life. He loves exploring the "film material" to reveal an originality, to understand a new function or reality. His sensitivity, his curiosity, his optimism and his creativity make him a very original storyteller.


Today, after a period of necessary maturation, he takes action to bring to the screen, the many projects he has written, including Vera Icona.


 Freelance Collaborators

In function of the projects, the collaborators with whom Extrasystole like to have fun with :

Hélène Motteau


Basile Beauvois


Loic Bruffaert


Damien van der Straten




Clip vidéo-  6'44" - Belgique


When you are too hard on yourself, this is what might happen. Tras chrysalyda is the story of an inner transformation triggered by self-violence.

The struggle between the shadow and the light begins. Breath, movement and the body bring the mind back to peace and joy...


Music courtesy M83 ///Dancer Olga Esteban ///Camera Hélène Motteau -Louis Amalta/// Filmmaking Aurian de Wouters ///Production A.F. Lefevre


Short Documentary -  18'42" - Belgique- Maroc


Going into the desert ... These are always moments of a special grace. Time stops, space becomes infinite, the wind becomes friend and in the evening the stars invite themselves to excess. One becomes grain of sand among the warm dunes, finally ...

Everything fades and makes sense. Then ... the dream always ... far everywhere, the dream ...

And then meet ... Shocking, with yourself. After, will be forever, different ...



Formations MOJO

To finance itself, Extrasystole Productions produces documentaries, video clips, films of fictions and Enterprises. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Extrasystole is also interested in new technologies and how they enable us to create films more easily. That's why she created MOJO.HOW. It is a simple and fast training to shoot like a pro with its Smartphone and destined to the Organizations. www.mojo.how


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